Jardins Jardin: the urban farm trend!

Jardins Jardin: the urban farm trend!

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Notice to city dwellers who love the countryside and nature: in 2014, we dare the urban chicken coop in its small garden! Whether traditional in a wooden version or with design and very modern lines, it will allow you to adopt a few hens and have fresh eggs to collect every day.

A small cabin

In a slightly larger version, there is also this authentic gray cabin. Thanks to its greater height, it will be easier for you to clean it.

A decorative chicken coop

So that it does not go unnoticed in the middle of your garden choose a very decorative red chicken coop. We like its appearance very similar to Swedish houses, don't you think?

A small white hut

If you want to bring a little seaside ambiance to your garden, let yourself be tempted by this white wooden chicken coop that looks like a small beach hut.

A luxury chicken coop

Your hens deserve a habitat that meets their comfort needs and your decorative desires. We fell in love with this large light wooden model which even offers you the possibility of planting some aromatic herbs or some colorful flowers.

A design chicken coop

If you prefer pure lines and more design looks, head to the container models imagined by Farmili. These henhouses entirely made in France are available in pale green, mouse gray and oriental red.