Small spaces: 10 very practical accessories

Small spaces: 10 very practical accessories

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When you lack space, you must choose your storage more carefully. Fortunately, there are many tips that allow you to store without taking up space. We have selected 10 very practical accessories for you to discover in pictures.

Compartments for the dressing room

Ikea When there is a lack of space in the dressing room, it must be organized to store as much as possible! Also, we opt for small compartments that give utility to every inch of the dressing room.

Boxes for wall mounting

Ikea Do you need to store sewing accessories or other small items that don't always have room? Attach drawer boxes to the wall to methodically store all your small accessories without cluttering the cupboards.

Compartments for drawers

Ikea Rather than piling everything in the drawers, we organize them to optimize each space. You will then find compartments for the drawers in order to sort the items with each other.

Stacking boxes

Ikea If you have a space that is difficult to use in the house, you can always stack storage boxes there. Practical, they allow you to create custom storage modules.

Library lockers

Purpose Rather than opting for a bookcase that will take up floor space, you can fix small lockers on the wall that allow you to slide a few books. You put away and decorate the wall, then you have everything good!

Mini furniture

Castorama For special spaces such as sub-slopes, small furniture must be used. Then think of betting on very low furniture that will slip everywhere and add storage to your room.

Baskets for everything

Purpose To store and organize, think of the small baskets. Not only do they stack up to take up less space, but they also allow you to sort through different objects to find what you are looking for more easily.

Modules to be fixed to the wall

Evoludic Rather than taking up space on your small desk, you can opt for a module to be fixed to the wall which will accommodate all the office accessories. Pens, notebooks, and other accessories: you'll have everything at your fingertips.

A storage chest

Pierre Henry To change traditional end tables or classic coffee tables, small trunks will be very useful because they will also serve as a storage chest. 2 in 1 is the key to success.


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