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5 fun floor coverings for children

5 fun floor coverings for children

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And if we opted for an original floor that will make the nursery very playful? At Saint Maclou, you will find five very decorative vinyl coverings which will have the advantage of being easy to install and maintain. Presentation in pictures.

A floor for toddlers - Easylife Access Kid

Saint-Maclou ### Here is a soil that will please the little ones and their parents! It is an imitation white parquet on which there are small animals and other drawings. And to learn words from an early age, what the drawing represents is written right next to it. We can thus learn to write "duck" and discover that "moon" is said "moon" in English.

A striped floor - Blue sand and sand

Saint-Maclou ### To bring a little originality in the bedroom, we choose a striped floor that will give a childish touch to the room. The stripes can also be used to install a car circuit in the boys' room.

A polka dot floor - Primstar

Saint-Maclou ### Primstar is an original coating with a multitude of gray, blue and beige dots. The ground then becomes a real playground where you can count the circles and imagine crazy drawings.

An alphabet floor - Design Alphabet

Saint-Maclou ### Finally, to find the alphabet on your fingertips, put on a vinyl floor that includes the letters in all directions and all sizes, in upper and lower case. Perfect for learning the letters of the alphabet in a fun way in your room!