Metal for my coffee table

Metal for my coffee table

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Sober or colorful, design or raw, the metal takes different forms to adapt to all decorative desires. If we often attribute it to the industrial style, it can also be associated with more contemporary or even pop atmospheres. As a coffee table in the living room, it proves all of its decorative possibilities. Here are 10 images to convince you.

A metal table for an industrial look

Maisons du Monde Inspired by industrial design, this metal coffee table gives a loft spirit to your living room. Sitting alongside brown leather sofas and metal shelves, you can almost imagine yourself in a Brooklyn apartment.

A designer metal coffee table

AM PM In a contemporary living room, this coffee table with original shapes brings a little sixties air to the decor. We like its sleek look which allows it to slip easily into any decor.

Accumulation of black metal coffee tables…

Maisons du Monde Aériennes, delicate and very practical, we are literally in love with these four black metal coffee tables. Their small advantage: once taken off from each other, they allow us to use them according to our needs of the moment.

… Or colored

Maisons du Monde If you prefer good humor to sobriety in the living room, you can also choose them in more flashy colors. Green, pink, blue and orange, and voila to create a decor full of pep.

A metal wooden coffee table

La Redoute Idéale in an industrial style living room or in a contemporary living room, we dare this coffee table in wood and metal. Our decoration tip: don't hesitate to put some decorative objects on it to warm it up.

A white metal coffee table

La Redoute In a studio or in the living room of a student who does not have much space, consider choosing a coffee table that adapts to its configuration. This white metal model seems quite appropriate.

An aerial metal coffee table

Matelpro Composed of two trays and colored metal wires, this coffee table has everything you need to not go unnoticed in the living room. You can also choose two to save more storage space.

A refined metal coffee table

AM PM We fell in love with this coffee table, the fineness of the base of which provides a sleek and graphic style that is easy to slip into any interior style.

Colorful coffee tables

3 Swiss Sober or colorful, but always playful, here are the key words of these original metal coffee tables. Decorative tip: they can also be used as a side table.