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Scandinavian inspiration in the children's room

Scandinavian inspiration in the children's room

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From the living room to the kitchen, via the dining room and the children's bedroom, the Scandinavian style has never stopped investing in our home. Softness of blond wood, pastel shades, sleek design inspired by the 70s, the Scandinavian style is more than ever at the Heart of the trend. Discover ten children's rooms that have already adopted it!


Duneha A mixture of colors, horizons and materials ... the bohemian style can be perfectly integrated into a Scandinavian decor. For this you just have to bet on stylized furniture, with minimalist lines and favor sober shades

Pure white and blond wood

Hi-mac Simplicity, design and pleasure, these are the qualities that can be immediately attributed to this very trendy children's room. We love the combination of white and blond wood which contribute to bringing a cozy and cocooning atmosphere to this space.


Decocliko Ideal in a trendy little girl's bedroom, this sublime adhesive frieze with a geometric pattern is the essential decorative accessory to create a Scandinavian atmosphere. Very graphic, it will easily bring a little sweetness to its living space.


Muuto Introduce your toddlers to art and design with the shelves imagined by the designers JDS Architects for Muuto. Stacked is a modular shelf that will seduce you with its simple shapes and neutral colors that allow it to integrate harmoniously into any Scandinavian style children's room.


Maisons du Monde The Scandinavian style is characterized by natural materials, the predominance of white and pastel colors. If your kid's room is colorful, it is however quite possible to create a Nordic atmosphere in this room by focusing on furniture with a retro twist, with clean lines and geometric shapes. Warm atmosphere guaranteed!

Blond wood, a natural material

Ikea Blond wood is one of the materials of choice for the Scandinavian style. Also, to create a small Scandinavian atmosphere in the room of our children we will select furniture with a simple and refined design that will bring a little softness and very authentic look to the room of our toddlers.

Nice discovery

Decorative object Printed with sweetness and full of serenity, this children's room does not go unnoticed. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, we love the sheepskin rug which gives the whole space a very natural style. And, we adopt without hesitation this small decorative object in the shape of a sheep which enhances the Nordic atmosphere of the room.

Colorful storage boxes

Quartet Unlike certain styles which require a "total look", Nordic decoration knows how to show adaptation and fantasy and coordinates very easily with other influences. Want to bring a Scandinavian touch to your toddler's room, bet on colorful storage furniture with a simple and refined design.


Ferm Living In the purest Scandinavian spirit, this simple and elegant duvet cover eliminates the superfluous to keep only the essentials. Stylized and soft at the same time, the pattern of this duvet will bring poetry and serenity to your child's room.