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Erasable school boards revisited in decoration

Erasable school boards revisited in decoration

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Back to school is fast approaching, and with it come back memories of school bags, school supplies and… school boards! But speaking with chalk and felt-tip pens is no longer just for classrooms. At home, there are many decor ideas for young and old to write and draw as on the paintings of the mistresses, except that it is now walls and furniture.

Wall painting forming an erasable whiteboard

Idea Paint ### Idea Paint to express itself on walls with felt-tip pens ** The black school board isn't the only one to inspire decoration. Proof, Idea Paint was born from the idea of ​​transforming walls into erasable whiteboards on which we write and scribble with markers. As when we were at school, a swipe is enough to erase the sketches, calculations, drawings and words left on these giant white slates! Difficult then not to fall for this ingenious painting which invests as well the office as the child's room or the kitchen. **

Erasable scribble paint

Leroy Merlin ### Writing or drawing with chalk on the walls ** As the Gribouille paint coats the walls, they transform into XXL slate boards on which you write or draw with chalk like at school. Something to delight children, but also adults! This means that the facades or sections of wall covered with this paint are a very useful decorative tip for leaving little words behind ... **

Slate Stickers

Leroy Merlin ### Slate stickers ** The most economical version to express yourself on the walls is the slate sticker, very fashionable. Taking the desired shape (classic rectangular shape, animal shape like butterflies or cubs, playful model with bubbles of different sizes ...), these adhesives allow to write in an original way his schedule above the desk or simply serve of notebook in the kitchen. **

Scribble Painting

Maison Décorative ### Customize a school board wall… in color! ** Not only does the Gribouille paint transform the walls into giant chalk boards, but in addition, it is available in a wide range of colors! Rather original and pleasant to write on a colored surface instead of a blackboard, right? Raspberry, red, apple green, khaki, orange, purple, turquoise, gray or taupe: there is something for everyone! **


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